Squarespace/ShowIt Developer
with Design Eye

Squarespace Developer with Design Eye

basics of the squarespace/showit developer with design eye position:

+ You’d be working with pre-made Squarespace and ShowIt themes to build websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are getting started.

+ You’re confident getting into Squarespace and ShowIt themes and working with the code to apply client branding and visual elements to make it feel unique and customized.

+ You’d be communicating with the team daily. We use Slack for regular communication and Basecamp for project management. You’ll need to be on regular video calls, so having a working camera is key.


+ You can work from anywhere. No moving for a job involved. If you’re happy where you are, stay there. If you’re unhappy, move somewhere new. This job will go with you. (If you want to spend a month working from the Italian countryside or in a Scottish pub, more power to you.)

+ You decide what you want your hours to be, though we do need someone who has good availability during standard business hours for projects. You also need to communicate with the team regularly.


+ You should have a good understanding of Squarespace, ShowIt, WordPress (ideally), CSS, and PHP.

+ You have a strong sense of design.

+ Ideally, you’ve worked with Advanced Custom Fields.

This position is great for someone who is looking for experience to learn more and enhance their development skills, as well as be part of a team that will support and encourage you. You may have a background in graphic design (not required), but you most certainly have an excellent eye for design and are obsessed with design details.

You should be able to handle at least 15-20 hours of work per week. For the right person with the right skills, that could grow fast.


are you the right fit?

This position IS for you if:

  • You believe in showing up for team members and clients.
  • You love clean, simple, and well-organized code.
  • You are detailed oriented and meticulous.
  • You get projects done on time (or early).
  • You are honest and have no tolerance for drama.
  • You are empathetic and humble.
  • You are steady and reliable, and take your responsibilities seriously.
  • You like following a system, but also speak up when you have ideas about how the system can be improved.
  • You can adapt to situations as they arise.
  • You like troubleshooting, solving problems, and learning new things.
  • You like working on projects for soulful and creative entrepreneurs.
  • You can commit to the position for at least nine months.

This position IS NOT for you if:

  • You are repeatedly late getting work done.
  • You dislike or have problems with regular communication.
  • You often miss details.
  • You are rigid and unable to accept feedback.
  • You cannot adapt to new systems or ways of doing things.
  • You think that Helvetica is the same thing as Open Sans.

You will be paid on an hourly basis, every two weeks. The position could start immediately for the right candidate.


how to apply

We want a superstar to join our team, someone who we can trust to get the job done right and be a team player. If you think that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Make sure this job is the right fit for you, and make sure you’re the right fit for this job.

Check out our portfolio to see the type of projects we work on. If you’re interested in applying please send a cover letter via the application form below and in it include the following:

  1. Tell us why you’re so interested in this position with us
  2. Provide 5 websites you’ve recently built and are proud of — and tell us what platform they’re on
  3. Tell us what your two superpowers are
  4. Share your hourly rate

(We love good cover letters and details. Make sure you address ALL four items above in full.)

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule a call. This position will stay open until we find the right person.

Please no phone calls, emails directly to the owner, LinkedIn connection requests or Facebook messages. Only applicants who have followed the instructions and applied via our form (below or on the position page) will be considered.

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