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Lauren Silva

Lauren Silva

Lauren believes words make a difference. Words create connections, share ideas, and grow potential into fruition. The right arrangement can evoke powerful reactions and create significant change, and she loves the challenge of expressing what once seemed indescribable. Whether it’s through blog content, social media, SEO-driven web copy, or a well-crafted subject line, Lauren will always engage an audience with the same passion that drives you and your business.

Kendra Sand

House of Sand

House of Sand is a content strategy consulting company. As a team of writers, editors, and content strategists, we help clients take up space online with intention. Our core services are SEO website copy, blog strategy, SEO blog writing and publishing, and content strategy courses. Founder, Kendra Sand, has over 10 years of experience as a content strategist and has supported TEDxMIleHIgh, Britt Hawthorne, and Publish Your Purpose. Kendra is a third-culture kid and a converted fan of the Oxford comma—with her team, she’s in constant search for the mot juste.

Katie Pannell


26&thensome is a creative studio by Katie Pannell for funny people serious about business. From copywriting and brand voice to naming and creative direction, Katie gives startups and small businesses BIG personality.

Her background in musical theatre makes it okay for her to break the fourth wall (& the rules) so she’d like to take it from here.

Hi, it’s me. I believe you’re in the entertainment industry no matter what industry you’re in, so entertain we shall. Together, we’ll create a gut-busting brand that commands attention and gives industry giants a run for their money. Literally.

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