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Haruka Sakaguchi

The Denizen Co.

The Denizen Co. is a boutique design studio that specializes in brand identity, print/web design, and art direction. Launched in 2013 by Haruka Sakaguchi, The Denizen Co.’s primary mission is to work with creative entrepreneurs to develop and realize a cohesive visual identity.

Rebecca Pollock

Rebecca Pollock Design

Rebecca works with clients who want to build a brand from the ground up. This means starting with a logo design, and then exploring how the design of a website can bring the brand vision to life. After the website launches, Rebecca helps her clients develop ebooks, downloadable pdfs, print collateral and social media graphics. She loves working with small business, individual entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

Ashley Neese

Breath Work Healer

Ashley Neese is a courageous guide who empowers women to heal themselves. Her private sessions, women’s classes, and lifestyle journal guide spirit seekers towards living with their hearts wide open.

Kim Evans

Kim Evans Studio

Kim works with soulful entrepreneurs who have a story to tell. Unlike traditional copywriters who do the writing FOR you, Kim is a compassionate, grounding midwife for YOUR words and voice. Through her private Brand Story Intensive, you become the author of the message you have to share. You generate the powerful raw material that forms the foundation of your brand.

Claire Ragozzino

Vidya Living

Vidya Living provides a resource for women looking to reconnect with their roots and the ancient wisdom of self-healing through food, breath and conscious movement. Blending Ayurveda, yogic wisdom, and plant-based nutrition, Claire works with women from around the globe to inspire transformational shifts in their wellbeing. She offer 3 month wellness coaching packages, holistic retreats and educational workshops, and guided seasonal cleanses.

Michelle Neclerio Knox

Lone Red Design

As a graphic designer and visual brand stylist, Michelle works one-on-one with service-based entrepreneurs and business owners that are ready to create a more professional and consistent look for their brand. Partnering with her clients, she guides them through the process of honing in on the personality of their brand so that the image they’re projecting matches who they are and who they want to serve.

Mazzy Orban


If you’re looking for US-based professional virtual assistance with a focus on high-touch support and VIP Client Services, look no further. MazVirtual loves to work with entrepreneurs in small to mid-sized companies who are moving beyond startup into the next phase of their businesses. They create systems and processes for people who know where they’re going and provide expert support to get them there.

Carrie Coleman

Carrie Coleman Photography

As a wedding photographer, Carrie’s goal is to capture the visual expression of a couple’s love through timeless, organic images. Carrie photographs couples in a natural and authentic way that results in images that are true to the essence of their relationship and that will stand the test of time becoming the photos their children and grandchildren will admire years from now.

Vari Longmuir

Buttercup Ink

Vari wants to live in a world where out-of-the-box thinking is contagious, freedom is the focus and where intentional design meets purpose-charged vision to make magic. As a brand designer and illustrator to coaches and entrepreneurial types, she’s been featured in places such as Design*Sponge, Inspired COACH mag, The Collective mag, LKR Social Media and Betty Means Business amongst others.

Glad Doggett

Glad Doggett Media

When you create content for a website, an opt-in offer, a sales page ( … and other marketing collateral to attract clients), it’s nice to have an advisor and ally to turn to.  That’s what Glad does. She helps her clients brainstorm, write, and revise the words they use in their online spaces. The List Magnet is her go-to package for anyone ready to create, design, set up, and promote a fresh opt-in offer to fill their client lists with hot leads.

Nadia Payan

Good Axe Designs

Nadia work with creatives and change-makers to unveil the texture of their soul in a way that beckons to their tribe. Her tools are design and art direction – creating brands and graphic design that vibrate at the frequency of you.

Christine Kane

Uplevel YOU™

Christine and her company Uplevel YOU propel purpose-driven entrepreneurs into the highest level of their business and lifestyle success. After 15 years in a successful career as a popular songwriter and performer, she followed a calling to provide a deeper level of service to other creative and entrepreneurial types. Christine has now worked with over three thousand people in her Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program and Uplevel Your Business™Program & Blueprint, in addition to her popular workshops and retreats – where she teaches students how to create successful businesses based in their passion — while creating a intentional life of meaning and soul.


Jane Riley

Jane Reaction

Jane is a graphic design and art director. She loves working with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to create cohesive and interesting brands and websites for them.

Rea Frey Holguin

Rea Frey

Rea is an author who specializes in ghostwriting, blogging, creating a blog framework, content strategy, and content buckets for clients. If you have an existing brand, are relaunching your brand, or want to start a business, you need to focus on your content, identify your target audience, and speak to them in a way that engages and drives business. That’s where Rea’s magic shines.

Sarah Sherwood

Sarah Sherwood

As a certified Life Coach, Spiritual Director and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Sarah Sherwood empowers you to live courageously so you can experience a meaningful life. Sarah’s online membership program, Integrate to Live, opens every January. Integrate to Live is a 12-month closed group coaching membership subscription program for individuals, as well as groups. This isn’t just a self-help program. It is about transcending and giving back.

Larissa Fatseas

Notebox Studio

At Notebox Studio we aren’t just art directors or graphic designers we are explorers, hikers, entrepreneurs, paper lovers, art enthusiasts, illustrators, type snobs, menu critics and bakers. We find inspiration everywhere we look and these experiences shape the designs we create. We are creative, we are curious and and we love helping clients bring their vision to life. It is our goal to create meaningful and memorable brand messages from the ground up offering naming, branding, web, packaging, print and stationery design services.

Kelly Ruta

FierceChick Coaching

Kelly teaches female entrepreneurs how to take back their personal power and become true LEADERS of businesses (and lives) they are in love with by learning to MASTER THEIR MINDSET. Want more confidence, courage and INCOME?  It all starts with your mindset.  The world is FULL of women playing small.  It’s time for you to rise and shine.

Rachel East & Kristen Walker

Clarity on Fire

Rachel and Kristen dole out inspiration and coaching for millennials who know what they don’t want, but have no idea what they’d rather be doing. Their biggest claim to fame is the Passion Profile Quiz, which over 100,000 people have taken to pinpoint the intersection between their passion and career.

Sarah Jenks

Live More Weigh Less

Live More Weigh Less is your new way of living, your new way of taking care of your body, your new group of friends and your new source of joy, all wrapped up in an easy-to-use, beautifully crafted online program and community. Live More Weigh Less is not a diet. This is for the woman who doesn’t want to fight her body, but be in a relationship with her. This is for the woman who’s sick of measuring her food and counting calories, but wants to love and enjoy food without anxiety, following the natural wisdom of her body. The program is available as a self-study course year-round and a live version complete with group coaching calls is run once a year.

Rachel Pesso

Rachel Pesso

Rachel helps people share their vision and make an impact through branding, website design, and user experience. Her speciality is live collaboration, so you can see your idea start to talk form while you’re on a call with her. She loves working on design projects that move people & inspire change in this world. Rachel is here to help people who are passionate about creating change, or bringing awareness to a cause, and it all starts with your brand.

Jessica Comingore

Jessica Comingore Studio

Jessica runs a boutique design studio out of Los Angeles, specializing in refined visuals for emerging lifestyle brands. She loves to work with passionate creative business owners to help bring their brand to life through a timeless and engaging visual experience.

Meg Clarke

Clapping Dog Media

Meg helps creative entrepreneurs be found by search engines. SEO is the art of influencing natural search results, and you need a competitive edge if you want people to find your website, business, products, or blog. As a former designer, Meg hates to see a gorgeous site not get noticed by google.

Libby Bryant

Libby Bryant

Libby creates personalized brand identities for women entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level. She prides herself on delivering branding and designs that are hand-crafted, thoughtful and unique. It is her goal to create an identity for you that will: scream YOU, make you look amazing, attract your ideal customers and bring in lots of dollars!

Vanessa Wade


Noirve is a boutique design studio for small businesses, creatives and bloggers focusing on branding, website design and blog design.

Zsofi Koller

Zsofi Koller Design

Zsofi works closely with visionary business owners to create beautiful, custom-designed brands and sites that highlight what is special about their work.

Elizabeth Derby

Elizabeth Hope Derby

Elizabeth is an award-winning writer and communication expert for coaches and creative entrepreneurs. She helps soulful hustlers get clear on their messages, define their hero stories, and write authentic copy and content. Because owning your truth is your secret weapon for standing out, stealing hearts, and building an epic personal brand.

Amanda Dennelly

Dennelly Design Studio

Amanda guides boutique businesses through a holistic design process to create intentional, powerful simplicity in their branding. They get the confidence they need to grow their business and more time to spend on the things they do best.

Ariel Vaisbort

Ariel Social Media

Ariel is a social media consultant, helping clients make sure that their social media helps their business. You should be able to focus on your business, and let your social media work for you. Ariel will help you with content creation, posting your photos, and growing your following!

Catherine Cassidy


Style is the catalyst for our clients to completely embody their confidence and POWER as leaders. The Style Power Program gives you the tools to be able to define your style, dress your body, CLEAN your closet and STYLE what you already own … all while creating a Wardrobe Action Plan (which makes it SO much easier to shop for pieces that ADD VALUE to your wardrobe!). They also have one-on-one support available with their signature Boutique Box service to completely outsource your shopping in a time-effective, cost-effective and streamlined experience.

Kathleen Shannon

Braid Creative

Braid Creative does branding and business visioning for creative entrepreneurs. It starts with a deep dive into where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going and ends with a brand identity, positioning, and copy that helps you attract your dream customer.


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Michelle Viljoen

(website design) is a graphic designer and brand consultant who specializes in creating and developing brands. Her core focuses are logo development, website design and brand direction.

Jane Reaction

(logo and original branding) is a graphic design and art director who works with with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, creating cohesive and interesting brands and websites.

Carrie Coleman

(photography) is a wedding photographer, whose goal is to capture the visual expression of a couple's love through timeless, organic images. She is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.