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No doubt it’s been a long time since anyone had an Alchemy+Aim newsletter in their inbox.

Here's why I'm getting back to it:

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The last 7 years (Yes! Our 7-year business anniversary is in April!) have been an incredible journey and evolution. I’ve grown this business and team, competed in archery competitions, moved back to NJ, spent time with my mom as she dealt with cancer, took time with my family after my mom passed, fallen in love, bought a house…It’s been good and heartbreaking and beautiful.

But as 2020 rolled in, I realized that there’s more for me to do.

I want to get back to teaching and sharing all this knowledge I’ve collected running my own business as well as helping other really incredible thought leaders and entrepreneurs like you build and run their businesses.

So here’s what’s next: I’m going to be sending out an email every week or two with good tidbits for you.

It may be…

  • the next hot piece of technology you’ll want to test out (it could change your business)
  • a super-exclusive deal we’re offering or new product we’re exploring (you’ll be first to know)
  • a really incredible opportunity (we have great clients — these show up)
  • an insider look into some of the businesses of our most well-known clients (curiosity piqued yet?)

I’ll certainly be dishing out some business/life wisdom and stories, along with an occasional cat photo or two.

Here’s one of Hugo, my 25lb bundle of snuggle, just for good measure.

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