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These are the folks with the skills to create an exceptional website experience for you -- and your users.

brandi bernoskie

Chief Alchemist + Owner

New Jersey

Brandi is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and developer, who is currently a bit of a gypsy. Once upon a time, she was an actress, graduating New York University with a BFA in Theatre. She has a second Bachelors degree in Physics, Philosophy and Religion from Rutgers University, and did graduate work in Philosophy of Science at UC San Diego, where she also taught in the writing program. She believes in the power of being our true self and sharing that with the world. Other loves include archery, writing, traveling to new places, and playing with her two cats.


Tech Wizard


Adam is a front-end developer and entrepreneur who lives with his wife and three kiddos in small-town Oklahoma, where he can be found juggling development projects, a specialty coffee roastery, a tutoring business, and a nagging need for sleep (with moderate success). In his free time he enjoys making music with his wife and friends, drinking good coffee, beer, and whiskey, and eating good pizza. #americandream (You can check out his coffee company here.)


Front-End Developer


Andrew is a web designer turned front-end developer.  He lives on a tiny, Canadian gulf island with his amazing wife, newborn son, and various fluffy pets.  He's an avid film buff and in a previous life was even a video store clerk... remember them?!  When he's not absorbed in his code, he's likely strumming an acoustic guitar, walking nature trails with his dogs, or learning how to renovate his home.


Business Assistant

Ireland (at the moment)

A native New Yorker, Claire is a lover of all things creative. She received her bachelor's degree from New York University, where she completed a double major in Recorded Music and French language. After spending her junior year studying in Berlin and Paris, Claire decided to return to Europe, and now resides in Dublin, Ireland. She is passionate about music, travel, language, independent bookstores, and sitcoms that take place in New York City.


Front End Developer + Tech Support Guru


Greg began developing on his twelfth birthday. As a child, he would read PHP and Java manuals on the bus en-route to school and spend time in between class developing games on his TI-83 calculator. When he’s not coding, you can find him hiking with his wife and friends, at the gym, traveling, or in a quiet corner of one of the local libraries.


Project + Account Manager


Kathleen loves to create order from chaos and help things grow. Born in Texas, she's lived in Switzerland, France, Ireland and California. She geeks out over street art for reasons unknown. She's also fond of reading about emotional intelligence and researching great recipes. Even though she's back in her home state, she still loves to travel and sometimes speaks French with a Texas accent.


Front-end Developer

England, UK

Leanne is a self-taught developer with a love of well written code and aesthetically pleasing design. She likes to travel, whether that’s to a quaint village in Northern Italy, or a snowy campervan trip around the Highlands of Scotland. When she’s not away from home, she enjoys hiking in the local hills, caring for her ever-growing plant collection, and probably planning her next adventure with a glass of wine in hand.


Master of Core Aesthetics


Perpetually exhausted father of two; Phillip likes to design and develop websites when he isn’t asleep. He enjoys spending time with his growing family, trying new cuisine, interesting beers and single malt Islay scotch. You can often find him staring into his computer screen wondering why his code is actually working.


Front-End Developer


Radley found his calling in high school by learning to use code to solve problems. His most memorable moment was writing a program that automated the tedious task of capturing a screenshot, uploading the image, and sharing the link. With a bit of code, his program cut the time taken from a frequent 3 minute process into a quick 2 second button press. Realizing the potential of programming he soon turned an unexpected hobby into a personally rewarding career. Radley's hobbies include cycling and mountain biking, and an occasional rainy camp trip in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the best parts of being a virtual agency

is the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and creating work that supports our lives (exactly what we want for our clients!).

Where will you find us?


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Jane Reaction

(logo and original branding) is a graphic design and art director who works with with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, creating cohesive and interesting brands and websites.

Carrie Coleman

(photography) is a wedding photographer, whose goal is to capture the visual expression of a couple's love through timeless, organic images. She is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.