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Strategic Client Manager

Strategic Client Manager

basics of the position

+ You would be regularly interacting with clients. While most of our client interaction during a project happens via email, there are virtual meetings as well. You also have to be willing to jump on a phone call unexpectedly when an issue arises. Our client experience is very important to us and you are a key part of this.

+ You would assist our team with client management and strategy, including but not limited to helping clients identify key locations for calls to action, reviewing e-commerce needs with client and educating them on what they need to prepare, reviewing onsite processes and procedures with clients, and mapping out member onboarding process for sites that include an application/membership.

+ You would help keep clients on timelines and set expectations with them. We want projects to go smoothly, which means having boundaries while we care for our clients.

+ You would be a key part of our service team. During calls, you’d be responsible for taking notes, then creating proposals and follow-up emails for potential clients. You would ensure that all clients are guided through the process and answer any questions when they arise. For our support/service division, you would review support tickets regularly and assign them to team members. When needed, you would speak with clients to help them decide what the right choices for their business and website are.

+ You would be instrumental in identifying ways we can improve our sales systems and customer service. We want to truly serve our clients and not just develop a website for them, but make them part of our extended family. They should come back to us when they need their next website.


  • Leads and directs clients through the intake and onboarding process
  • Administer and collect technical request details
  • Corresponds as communication bridge between client and developers
  • Assists in forecasting project turnaround
  • Provide individualized client care in their transition to Interstellar Support
  • Maintain proactive and thorough communication with clients to resolve any client feedback and intercept any client objections and complaints
  • Provide exceptional customer service during all interactions with clients
  • Create efficient handoff documentation to the technical team for resolution
  • Understand and internalize evolving technical needs trends in order to deliver value and resources to clients based on needs
  • Attend bi-weekly or monthly meetings with other team members
  • Communicate with the team regularly


+ You can work from anywhere. No moving for a job involved. If you’re happy where you are, stay there. If you’re unhappy, move somewhere new. This job will go with you. (If you want to spend a month working from the Italian countryside or in a Scottish pub — we do that sometimes, more power to you.)

+ You have flexible hours. We do operate mainly on EST, as do most of our clients, so you do need to be available during most standard work hours for meetings, phone calls, and other communication. But we know life happens so wherever possible, we’re flexible.

+ You’ll be a contractor but you’re part of our team. We want to make sure you’re the right fit for us and we’re the right fit for you. For the right person, this could become a full-time position.


+ You should be knowledgeable about websites, particularly WordPress websites. You should know how to use a WordPress site, add plugins, change content, and make other strategic changes that don’t require extensive coding.

+ More importantly, you need to love working with people, particularly clients.

+ You have a background in marketing, design, or development, Google Analytics, or other technical expertise.

+ You need to be familiar with what SEO is and how it works, though you don’t need to be an expert.

+ You need to have solid (minimum of 2 years) experience working in a position that works directly with customers and know what good customer service looks like.

+ You have experience (at least 1-2 years) of working with clients on website strategy (or similar experience).


This position would be about 15-20 hours per week to start, with growth for the right person.


are you the right fit?

This position IS for you if:

  • You enjoy working with clients and helping them figure out what their next best move is, even if that doesn’t result in work for the company short-term. We are all about building long-term relationships (technical and strategic).
  • You are adaptable and humble. You’re willing to explore new ideas and ways of working with other team members.
  • You take radical responsibility for your actions. You will be a leader in this company and should be willing to own everything you do.
  • You love people. Our clients are family and we take good care of them.
  • You are kind and a good listener. If you have magical powers for transforming an upset client into a happy one, even better. Sometimes people have bad days and they just need to be heard.
  • You are detailed-oriented and meticulous. We set a standard for the kind of work we produce, so this must be maintained by all team members.
  • You love systems and following them, and look for ways to improve them.
  • You are honest and have no tolerance for drama.
  • You are looking for a long-term position.
  • You are a bit quirky. (We are too.)

This position IS NOT for you if:

  • You are repeatedly late getting work done.
  • You look for ways to blame other people or circumstances when things go wrong.
  • You dislike or have problems with regular communication.
  • You believe your way is always the right way.
  • You often miss details.
  • You have never worked on a website before, or don’t understand WordPress.

While this position is remote, we are looking for a candidate in North America.


how to apply

We want a superstar to join our team, someone who we can trust to get the job done right and be a team player. If you think that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Make sure this job is the right fit for you, and make sure you’re the right fit for this job.

Check out our portfolio to see the type of projects we work on. If you’re interested in applying please complete the form below with a well-written letter to us and include the following:

  1. Tell us why you’re so interested in this position with us
  2. Share with us a memorable client interaction
  3. Tell us what your two superpowers are
  4. Answer this question: What 2-3 features or functionality have you seen make the biggest difference on a website?
  5. Send us your resume

(We love good cover letters. Make sure you address ALL five items above.)

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule a call.

Please no phone calls, emails directly to the owner, LinkedIn connection requests or Facebook messages. Only applicants who have followed the instructions and applied via our form below will be considered.


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