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Front-End WordPress Developer

Who We Are

Alchemy+Aim is a website development company, specializing in helping thought leaders, entrepreneurs and creative business owners.


The basics of the front-end developer position:

  • You’d be developing custom WordPress sites using PHP, CSS, Javascript, and more. We are looking for a skilled, experienced developer who can tackle coding custom sites from scratch as well as creating new features and functionality for sites that you can’t get with any existing plugin.
  • You’d be working with our team to address technical support tickets and client requests as they come in. Flexibility, problem solving, and team collaboration are key aspects of this responsibility.
  • You’d be communicating with the team regularly. We use Slack for regular communication and Basecamp for project management. There are also occasionally some video chats we’ll need to do via Zoom.
  • You can work from anywhere. No moving for a job involved. If you’re happy where you are, stay there. If you’re unhappy, move somewhere new. This job will go with you. (If you want to spend a month working from the Italian countryside or in a Scottish pub, more power to you.)
  • You decide what you want your hours to be for projects. For technical support, we do need someone who would be available standard East Coast time work hours (9am-ish to 6pm-ish) — we do have one developer who is involved with tech support already, so there is some flexibility with timing. You will need to communicate with the team regularly.
  • You get paid an agreed-upon flat rate on a per-project basis for larger projects and hourly for technical support work.

You must have a solid understanding of WordPress, SASS, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. You must have experience coding WordPress themes. If you’re familiar with Shopify or Squarespace, even better as we do want to expand to those platforms.

Other skills:

  • You know how to work with Woocommerce.
  • You’re very comfortable working with Advanced Custom Fields.
  • You understand how to work with cPanel, working with databases directly, and are confident migrating websites to new hosts.
  • You can troubleshoot when a site has been hacked or simply been broken by a client who has gone too far in code.


Are you the right fit?

This job IS for you if:

  • You believe the best code is clean, simple, and well-organized.
  • You are detailed oriented and meticulous. You get letter spacing, fonts, and column widths right. And you’ll even make sure the site ends up with custom favicon.
  • You get projects done on time (or early).
  • You are honest and have no tolerance for drama.
  • You like working on projects for soulful and creative entrepreneurs.
  • You can handle a workload of at least 1-2 custom projects per month. Projects vary in length, taking anywhere between 20 and 50 hours (for a skilled developer), with some larger ones taking longer.
  • You are comfortable using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to gather information from designs for development.
  • You can commit to the position for at least nine months (ideally, we’d love to have you with us long-term).

Our ideal candidate is a developer who has an exacting aesthetic eye and the ability to make things so intuitive that the non-savvy user can feel comfortable editing.

This job IS NOT for you if:

  • You are repeatedly late getting work done.
  • You dislike or have problems with regular communication.
  • You prefer to start out with a pre-made theme with page builders for website development.
  • You often miss details.
  • You think that a 28px margin is the same thing as a 25px margin. Or that Helvetica is the same thing as Open Sans.


About Alchemy + Aim:

Alchemy + Aim was founded by Brandi Bernoskie, a website developer turned strategist who has been working with creative entrepreneurs and change makers for over five years. Our clients have included thought leaders, creatives, coaches, bloggers, and people playing big in the world — from Laverne Cox to Kate Northrup to Brené Brown and beyond. We believe in building strong long-term relationships with clients so they feel supported in their online endeavors. The same goes for the Alchemy+Aim team. This business was built entirely on referrals, so we know that it’s people who matter most — and that includes everyone who works for A+A.

Most importantly, we create websites that are easy to use and intuitive for clients.
This is a contract position.


We want a superstar to join our team, someone who we can trust to get the job done right and be a team player. If you think that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Make sure this job is the right fit for you, and make sure you’re the right fit for this job.

Check out our website and portfolio to see the type of projects we work on. If you’re interested in applying please send a cover letter via the application form below and in it include the following:

  1. Tell us what past project you loved working on most and why
  2. Include a link to a site you coded that incorporates Woocommerce
  3. Tell us what your two superpowers are
  4. Provide a URL for your portfolio
  5. Share your hourly rate (even if this is “negotiable”, please provide a range to be considered)

(We love good cover letters and details. Make sure you address ALL five items above in full.)

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule a call.

Please no phone calls, emails directly to the owner, LinkedIn connection requests, or Facebook messages. Only applicants who have followed the instructions and applied via our form below will be considered.

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