We work with our clients as their partner and guide, co-creating with them beautiful strategic websites and businesses.

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In order to have a successful brand or business, you need the right strategy which connects your big picture to your website. When you have the tools to plan, reflect, and organize, you shape the future you’ve been envisioning and invest with more confidence.

First Impression Audit

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s working for your website and where it’s falling short, our Website First Impression audit is the place to start. This includes comments on your website using Markup.io, a 5-15 minute video from Brandi (founder and chief strategist) to summarize your website audit and review what’s working, what’s confusing, and what’s missing from copy, layout, and technical perspectives. This package also includes follow-up comments on your Markup feedback for 5 business days after delivery of your audit and a 15-minute follow-up call to answer any questions you may have.

Investment: $750

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This was so valuable, we’re making it an annual audit to help us stay current.

This audit was far beyond what I have experienced in the past, with its thoughtfulness, specificity, and quality of feedback. It helped me understand what's been lacking in our website that I wasn't able to articulate because I'm too close to my business. I didn't feel any website shame as I was reviewing the comments -- the focus wasn't on what's wrong, but rather on identifying the hidden opportunities and capitalizing on them. I know specifically what can be changed, why the recommendations were made, and I have a clear idea of what needs to happen next. This not only makes it easy for me to see the path, but easy to take action and get things done.

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These sessions can be used for a variety of purposes, from copy and messaging feedback to outlining and detailing a technical strategy for your website or business goals. Here are the most popular:

Business Strategy

Given her experience with a variety of businesses in different industries and with different approaches, Brandi knows what makes a business successful and has a way to merge what works with what will work best for you. We will look at who you are, what you offer, and discuss what strategies and approaches may be best for you and your business. We may look at messaging and copy together, marketing strategy, overall business operations strategy, or some other related topic. Each strategy session is 60 minutes.

Investment: Starting at $750

Sitemap Strategy

You would meet with Brandi for a 60-minute or 90-minute session to create a sitemap for your website, noting page sections you’ll need for the best conversion and user experience. We will also discuss who your audiences are and determine the primary and secondary actions we want your audience to take on the website. This meeting will also give us a better understanding of potential phases.

Key Deliverable: A sitemap that shows you the pages and pieces needed for your website. (Sitemap is built on Octopus.do)

Why is a sitemap important?
A sitemap outlines the structure and hierarchy of your website, including all pages, sections, and navigation paths. This provides a clear roadmap for building and organizing content.

By planning the layout and flow of your website in advance, we can optimize the user experience. A well-designed sitemap ensures that visitors can easily find the information they need, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.

Developing a sitemap forces you to think through the content you want to include on your website. This allows you to identify any gaps or redundancies in your content strategy and ensure that all necessary information is covered.

Investment: Starting at $1,000

Technical Strategy

You would meet with Brandi for a 90-minute or 2-hour session to map the technical needs for your business. This includes looking at user experience and flows through your website. We will also discuss any other technical requirements for your website.

Key Deliverable: A document that contains a full list of the technical requirements for your website and/or app.

Why is it important to map technical needs?
Clearly defining technical requirements ensures that your website functions in a way that can fully support your business or organization.

It also ensures that we have a clear mutual understanding of the work that needs to be done, which will help you avoid unexpected budget increases or potentially ending up on a platform that doesn’t allow for future growth of your business.

Technical requirements may include features such as e-commerce functionality, user registration systems, content management systems (CMS), search functionality, and integrations with third-party services. By identifying these needs upfront, we can ensure that your website meets the functional requirements of your business and users.

Investment: Starting at $1,500

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We use the Storybrand framework to help clients get clear about their story, positioning their customers as heros and their business as guide.

Here are some of the things we can do together:

  • Create and refine your Storybrand brandscript
  • Construct a one-liner to use on marketing materials and at networking events
  • Outline a lead generating PDF or video and nurture sequence
  • Design intentional and engaging experiences for your customers (online and beyond)

As a Storybrand Guide, Brandi will help you get clear on your brand story, figure out a sales funnel that will transform people into customers, and build a website that converts while also being beautiful and easy-to-use. The bonus: you’ll discover that serving people can be at the foundation of all you do (and finally stop hard selling).

Investment: Starting at $1,500

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These exclusive half-day or full-day sessions allow you to transform an idea into a plan – one that’s exciting, sustainable, and impactful. In the past, clients have used these sessions to outline and wireframe new websites, unpack business ideas and emerge with clear action plans, and review the technology structures in their companies to ensure the right configuration for future growth. These sessions can be virtual or in-person. Structure and investments vary.

Investment: Starting at $3,000

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