We believe
in amplifying

the good in this world


We believe that technology can be inclusive and an incredibly powerful tool for magnifying voices, expanding social good platforms, and changing our world for the better.

We help non-profits, mission-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders position their expertise, make an impact, and have true creative agency. We empower them to make decisions about how they want to operate in this world and craft the experiences their clients, customers, and donors have of their brand.

We work with our clients as their partner and guide, co-creating with them beautiful strategic websites and businesses, and we go beyond that to ensure the choices they make are in greater service of themselves, their clients, their communities, and the world.

Brandi’s Story

I started as a freelancer, I became an entrepreneur, and I grew into a leader.

When I quit my non-profit job, I simply dreamt about a life with more freedom, working with incredible people, and truly helping others rather than being stuck in never-ending meetings. I was sick of “paid time off” that I had to earn, of my ideas being dismissed as too unconventional, of having to dress for a world I never felt I belonged to. I wanted to travel, to share my gifts and genius, to shape my future myself.

I found so much more. I discovered in myself – and in my clients as well – a leadership that is disrupting how things have been done and focusing instead on a holistic, humanistic approach to business and changing the world. My goal is to develop my clients and team members so they can shine.

The best part of working with clients is helping them do exactly what I did: take a dream and a desire for a new way of living and of being, and give that idea traction, allowing it to change the status quo.

It’s life-changing and it’s world-changing. We’ve had clients take their businesses to new income levels and achieve greater influence within their industries. We’ve helped social good brands and businesses launch their products, build new programs, and alter how it’s all done. And the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment they experience daily — what better magic is there in the world?

We’re not a standard agency. We’re a team that’s flexible and nimble, ensuring our clients get exactly what they need. We operate with heart, soul, and a deep sense of mission – keeping your best interests in mind while co-creating a vision for more impact. We’re here to help you make the right investments and decisions that honor the individuals on your team while pushing into the future of what’s possible.

The Companies

Alchemy + Aim is a woman-owned company, founded in 2013. We provide custom website services for WordPress and Shopify sites.

North Star Sites is its sister company, founded in 2019 to support small businesses and entrepreneurs with the right WordPress and Shopify sites, created from pre-made themes.

WPSapphire is our in-house support team. They offer website support, regular maintenance, virtual assistant services, and more.

Additional Design Phillip DeVita