How Leaders and Entrepreneurs Can Engage With Money as a Sacred Tool

Women. Entrepreneurship. Leadership. Money. How are these connected? What does our relationship with money have to do with how we are as leaders? And how does your mindset affect whether or not you’re building a strong financial foundation for yourself and your future? Those are the topics that we, Sara Arey and Carrie VanWinkle, discuss…

The Alchemy of Attraction

How to Craft a Brand Identity/Message that Sets You Apart and Calls in Your Perfect-Fit Clients As a coach, a creator, a purpose-driven maker, you know you’ve got magic that makes you stand out. You’re fired up by your vision, ready to share your voice, and now is the time to do it. Maybe you’re…

How to Set Your New Hire Up For Success

Yayy! You’re hiring someone on your team! But what are you supposed to give them on Day 1? Do you share your passwords? What do you agreements do you need to have ready? Slow your roll, lady! I’m going to walk you through some things. Obviously the hiring process is super crucial, but it’s also…

Take a Break

One of the hardest parts of being a business owner is giving yourself time to relax. The natural tendency (at least for me) is to work around the clock, to be continuously productive and execute on the path to achieving our goals. We forget that when we work hard, we need to find ways to…

Do You Need a Custom Website?

Why do you need a custom website? The reason we always start by getting potential clients on a call is because you may not need a custom website. Yes, I just said that. Let me explain: We’ve told that to many of our clients in the past. It’s not that we don’t believe in custom…

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