Four Small Shifts to Spend Less Time at Your Computer

We love technology. We love that the internet allows entrepreneurs to achieve success like never before. And we love utilizing all of the tech at our fingertips to help others grow. That being said, it’s easy as an online entrepreneur to spend hours at a time sitting at your computer, and if you’re not intentional…

Brandi’s Top Business Book Recommendations

If you ever jump on a Zoom call with me, you’ll notice the shelves of books behind me. Two in particular are devoted to business books, with books organized into sub-categories as if you were in a library. That’s how much I read. And let me tell you, trying to narrow down my list of…

A Workday Playlist

The Alchemy+Aim team has varied taste in music, which makes for a unique workday playlist. We think it’s always fun to find new music, so today we have compiled some of our team’s favorite songs for you to enjoy.

Why Words Still Matter

We consume an incredible amount of information online visually: social media is dominated by photos, funny stories are made into memes, even recipes are transformed into videos. In some ways, we don’t have the same attention spans we once did. They’re shorter, moving from one interesting piece of content to the next. That means that…

Why I Launched a Website That Isn’t Perfect

We’ve been working on our new site for a little over three months now — drafting how it would be organized, working on the design, writing content, pulling together images for our portfolio, reviewing user experience, coding the design into a working WordPress theme. In short, an involved and, at times, emotional task. I see…


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Michelle Viljoen

(website design) is a graphic designer and brand consultant who specializes in creating and developing brands. Her core focuses are logo development, website design and brand direction.

Jane Reaction

(logo and original branding) is a graphic design and art director who works with with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, creating cohesive and interesting brands and websites.

Carrie Coleman

(photography) is a wedding photographer, whose goal is to capture the visual expression of a couple's love through timeless, organic images. She is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.