Shopify Developer

the basics of the shopify developer position:

+ You’d be working on custom Shopify sites and custom pages added to pre-made Shopify themes. Ideally, you would be comfortable with front-end styling pieces as well as complex back-end ones.

+ You’d be creating new features and functionality for sites that you can’t get with an existing app.

+ You’d be communicating with the team regularly. We use Slack for regular communication and Basecamp for project management. There are occasionally some video chats that take place via Zoom or Slack.

job benefits:

+ You can work from anywhere. No moving for a job involved. If you’re happy where you are, stay there. If you’re unhappy, move somewhere new. This job will go with you. (If you want to spend a month working from the Italian countryside or in a Scottish pub, more power to you.)

+ Depending upon the type of work, you’ll either get paid a flat rate on a per-project basis or hourly for any clients we have ongoing support with (particularly those for which the scope is ever-evolving).

skills & requirements:

  • Solid understanding of ShopifySASS, CSSLiquid/strong> and Javascript
  • Experience coding Shopify themes from scratch
  • Experience working with Shopify apps
  • Comfortable using existing designs to fill in any design gaps
  • Comfortable using Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, or Adobe Photoshop to gather information from designs for development
  • Comfortable working with Github

are you the right fit?

This job IS for you if:

  • You’re available during standard EST hours – roughly 10am to 4pm EST – for sites that need technical support.
  • You enjoy thinking through steps to build custom functions and features, while considering how to make it easy for the client to use.
  • You’re adaptable, able to combine user needs and technology challenges.
  • You believe the best code is clean, simple, and well-organized.
  • You are detailed oriented and methodical. You get letter spacing, fonts, and hover states correct. And you’ll even make sure the site ends up with custom favicon.
  • You understand the challenges that peers might face and support those peers accordingly.
  • You’re a patient problem solver, able to identify and troubleshoot bugs.
  • You get projects done on time (or early).
  • You can commit to the position for at least one year.

This job IS NOT for you if:

  • You miss deadlines repeatedly or are late getting work done.
  • You dislike regular communication and would prefer to be left alone.
  • You don’t like to participate in collaborative team meetings.
  • You often miss details.
  • You think that a 28px margin is the same thing as a 25px margin. Or that Helvetica is the same thing as Open Sans.

Most projects last between 4 and 12 weeks, depending upon the size of the project and the client feedback process.

how to apply

We want a superstar to join our team, someone who we can trust to get the job done right and be a team player. If you think that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Make sure this job is the right fit for you, and make sure you’re the right fit for this job.

Check out our website and portfolio to see the type of projects we work on. If you’re interested in applying, please send a cover letter via the application form below and in it include the following:

  1. Tell us what past project you loved working on most and why
  2. Provide a URL for your portfolio
  3. Tell us what your two superpowers are
  4. Share your regular hourly rate

(We love good cover letters and details. Make sure you address ALL four items above in full.)

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule a call.

Please no phone calls, emails directly to the owner, LinkedIn connection requests or Facebook messages. Only applicants who have followed the instructions and applied via our form below will be considered.

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