Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa Burkheimer, CEO + Conversion Design Director of Melissa Burkheimer Studios and Host of The Design Business Show. Her company designs brands and creates buzz building strategies for product launches. She’s consulted on dozens of launches + campaigns as a sales page designer, creative director, and launch manager that have collectively generated multiple 7 figures in revenue. With 12+ years experience, Melissa has worked with thought leaders such as Rachel Luna, Jereshia Hawk, JJ Virgin, Lewis Howes, and Amy Porterfield as well as global brands like Massage Heights and Dress for Success Worldwide.

Her specialty is making sure the creative assets in you launch plan help bring the big-picture vision + goals for your product to life. Her clients 10X their sales goals and get featured in places like The Ellen Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Access Hollywood, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

When she’s not working, she’s interviewing guests for her podcast, The Design Business Show, dreaming about her mascara line or probably making a plan for her plans.