sets the foundation for success


Too many projects start without a fully mapped-out vision.
In this pre-project strategy session, we’ll create that map together.

Here’s what we’ll map out together in this 90-minute session:

  • A list of the pages you need for your website, including a breakdown of the sections on each page
  • A list of the functionality you need for your website
  • Your sitemap and top-level navigation
  • A clear plan for how you’ll build relationships on your site through opt-ins, freebies, and nurture sequences
  • Your primary and secondary calls-to-action
  • A map of what you need for your brand beyond the website, including assets and support

You’ll receive these details in a follow-up report, along with the recording from the session. We’ll also provide a proposal for your website project, though you can take this to any designer or agency for the next steps. If you decide to work with us, we’ll credit you the fee for this session towards your overall project investment.

This package also includes strategic support via email for 3 weeks after the session, in case you have any additional questions.

Investment: $995


If you book a project with us after this strategy session, we’ll apply this fee to your project costs.

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