Dream Big in 2018

Atul Gawande giving a Ted Talk

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As the year comes to a close, I wanted to share with you a video that has me thinking about how I’m planning 2018.

Having a business coach has significantly changed the way I’ve built my business in the past 3 years. Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am without the guidance, advice, and support of my coach Christine Kane and her team and Uplevel. She has held me to my highest self, helped me navigated difficult situations, and held space for me and those in my mastermind group not only to grow but to truly transform.

One of the reasons I’ve kept Alchemy+Aim as a website development agency and not tried to do it all is because I believe in the power of expertise. We are not design experts, but we connect our clients with expert designers. While we know some SEO for development purposes, SEO goes beyond code and relies heavily upon content, so we connect our clients with an SEO expert for ongoing support and work.

The team of experts you build to support you becomes your coaches. They help you see what’s possible for your business and brand, as well as what’s possible for you personally.

When we co-create with others, what’s possible is so much bigger than we might have dreamt on our own.

Happy Holidays, friends!