Create a GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template on Clipboard with Lawyer hands

When GDPR hit earlier this year, everyone focused on making their websites compliant quickly. But you may have delayed work on your Privacy Policy.

We get it. It’s tempting to put off the nitty gritty of legal documents for later. But it’s important for you to have a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy, and we have a solution to make the process easier for you!

Privacy Policies: The Basics

Your Privacy Policy is a legal document housed on your website which explains how you protect the privacy of your website’s users. In short, it tells people who visit your website what information you collect about them, how you use it, and how you store it. A GDPR compliant Privacy Policy includes all of this information, as well as details about how website users from the EU can access, change, or delete the data you have stored on them.

Where does a lawyer come in?

It’s definitely a good idea to develop a relationship with a lawyer who knows your industry and can provide advice about the various legal questions, contracts, and documents you will need.

Don’t worry though—if you don’t yet have a lawyer you work with, you can still utilize a lawyer reviewed Privacy Policy on your website.

We love the simple templates at Influencer Contracts to create a lawyer approved and GDPR compliant Privacy Policy in about 30 minutes.

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Need help uploading your new Privacy Policy to your website? We’re here for you.