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There’s something a bit magical about clarity:

When you’re clear about who you serve, how you help people, and what your message is,
you attract new clients, customers, and opportunities to you.
And that translates to sales, growth and success.

Stop hoping you’ll get it right.

As a business owner, I know what it feels like when you know you’re close but need an outside expert’s perspective to put your plan in place and fill in any gaps you might be missing. You can almost see the big picture but aren’t quite there yet.

As a Storybrand Guide, I’ll help you get clear on your brand story, figure out a sales funnel that will transform people into customers, and build a website that converts while also being beautiful and easy-to-use. And I promise you it will feel like you’re serving people, not trying hard to sell them.

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Proven Method

We use the Storybrand framework to help clients get clear about their story, positioning their customers as heros and their business as guide. Here are some of the things we can do together:

  • Create and refine your Storybrand brandscript
  • Construct a one-liner to use on marketing materials and at networking events
  • Wireframe an engaging website that converts
  • Design intentional and engaging experiences for your customers (online and beyond)

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About Brandi

Brandi started her business as a freelance developer but noticed that there was something missing from the websites she was coding for clients: clarity about who they were serving, how they were helping, and how their websites connected back to their businesses. Besides running the business as a whole, she spends time in meeting with clients helping them strategize, plan their next big moves, vision the future, and use the Storybrand framework to message, market, and make magic happen in their businesses.

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