Didn’t Sign Up For B-School? Other Courses To Build Your Business

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Marie Forleo’s B-School is one of the best programs for budding entrepreneurs who need guidance in getting started. But it’s not for everyone — you may be at a different stage of your business or have different needs. Whether B-School was the right fit or not, there are tons of online courses, membership programs, and masterminds that can help you get the support you need at any stage of business. Here are a few of our recommendations for programs that are run by experts we know and trust.


Successful Ads Club

This part online course, part membership program teaches you the ins and outs of Facebook Ads. If you are ready for some paid Facebook advertising in your business, it is absolutely worth investing in some support so you don’t waste your time and money trying to figure out the ever-changing algorithm. SAC is run by Tara Zirker of Sunbeam Communications and helps you create, test, and implement effective ads so that you can use your advertising budget wisely.

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90 Day Year

This popular online course created by Todd Herman helps entrepreneurs systematically set and achieve goals while crafting a successful business that works for them. Todd focuses on helping business owners become “high achieving” by focusing on what matters, changing bad habits, and planning effectively. The 90 Day Year course opens for enrollment once a year, but you can always sign up to be notified when enrollment opens. (Brandi went through this course herself and testifies to how incredible it is to get you thinking about how to organize your time in new ways.)

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Kate Northrup created Origin, a membership community for entrepreneurs who are also mothers, in order to provide support and community for women who are building businesses while mothering. For those entrepreneurs who struggle with balancing their business’s needs with their family’s needs, Origin provides not only support, but role models of what success can look like. While Origin is not currently open for enrollment, you can join the waitlist below.

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Brave Leaders, Inc.

If you have ever read one of BrenĂ© Brown’s books, you know that she studies how shame, fear, guilt, and courage all contribute to our success and joy in life. Her program, Brave Leaders, Inc. is designed to help leaders in all arenas incorporate her research findings into what they do to become better communicators and managers. We highly recommend the BLI courses to anyone who currently has a team of employees or hopes to one day have a team of any size as their business grows.

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Wellness Business Bootcamp

Elizabeth Rider’s Wellness Business Bootcamp is designed to help wellness professionals (like nutritionists, health coaches, and personal trainers) organize their offerings, brand, and marketing to create a profitable business. If you are an expert in wellness, but not so knowledgable about entrepreneurship, this course can give you a great place to start. The Wellness Business Bootcamp is a 4 week online course and is available whenever you are ready for it!

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Soul of Leadership

The Soul of Leadership is a fantastic course to help you bring more intention and soul to your business through inner exploration and aligned action. Created by Nisha Moodley, a coach who helps entrepreneurs find freedom through sisterhood and mindset shifts, this course is designed to help you really own and embody your leadership. If you are not yet clear on your unique vision and gifts and crave some guided soul searching, working with Nisha might be the right move for you.

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The Copy Cure

It’s no secret that we love Marie Forleo’s work around here, and if you are not working with a copywriter in your business, we highly recommend checking our her copywriting course. Called The Copy Cure, this class helps you learn how to improve your writing to help you sell your products or services through actionable strategies and examples. Marie has years of success in online business and her copywriting course definitely reflects her entrepreneurship wisdom.

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