To Create or To Consume

desk of a creative entrepreneur with flowers, computer, and notebook

We live in a world where we can access content in a few keystrokes. It’s easy to consume new information, new ideas, new products, new stories…

But how much time to you spend creating?

Think about all of the time you spend consuming. When you are shopping, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, watching movies, or tuning in to an Instagram live, you are consuming other people’s ideas and art. You may even be using your mental energy by taking in all of the details of the cluttered space around you or by consuming an overheard conversation on the Subway.

Consuming can be educational, inspirational, and certainly worthwhile. It can also sap all of our time and energy.

We have a finite amount of energy for consuming new content, and when we push past that capacity, we become inundated and overwhelmed, with no mental space left for creation.

As an entrepreneur, you are inherently creative. Whether you create innovative products, services, or communities, you are sharing something new with the world. What do you feel inspired to create next? Your unique ideas are exciting and deserve to be nurtured.

Do you intentionally give yourself time and space to create?

This is the choice we have in life: to be a consumer or to step into the role of creator.

And to create boldly at that, breaking rules and boundaries as we go.

We have the choice to feed the norm or imagine something entirely new.

What will you choose to be? How do you choose to use your wild and precious life?