Do You Need a Custom Website?

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Why do you need a custom website?

The reason we always start by getting potential clients on a call is because you may not need a custom website. Yes, I just said that. Let me explain: We’ve told that to many of our clients in the past. It’s not that we don’t believe in custom websites (we very much do), but we always take the time to assess a client’s needs before recommending we build a custom website or use a pre-made theme.

We’ve had clients come to us without a website. For many of them, what they need more than anything is simply to get started, so they can learn more about their ideal clients/customers and start building their business or brand. In these cases, we recommend starting with a logo and some branding work, and using those visual assets to construct a website using one of the premade themes we often work with. What’s great about these themes is that they are flexible — meaning that we can add some custom functionality and elements to them if needed. It’s enough to get you started, but also grow with you in the first year or so of your business.

So why custom at all?

Your website is a vehicle for your business: it’s meant to take you to the next level of success. Inevitably, many clients reach a certain level of business success or brand recognition and discover they’re ready to uplevel to a custom website with a well-planned user experience. What does that mean for you? Here’s the short list:

  1. A customized and well-planned user experience means more conversions and clients.
  2. With a custom website, you will have a site that is unique to your brand. That means greater recognition and perception as a leader in your field. It creates elevated credibility and expertise.
  3. Building a custom website also allows us to tie in better systems for your business, so you’re spending more time doing your genius work and less time trying to schedule clients or deliver content.
  4. Your Return on Investment (ROI) is greater for custom websites because we can add in better SEO elements, making it easier for people to find you and easier for them to learn about your offerings and purchase or follow you once they’re on your site.
  5. When we build a custom website, we can ensure it works across all devices and browsers. We also take into consideration how your audience is most frequently accessing your content and where they’re located, so we can build in addition speed and/or focus on the mobile experience first.
  6. Your custom website will grow with you as your business or brand grows. It is not a static creation that once completed cannot be changed; it should be adaptable. The custom websites we build allow you to easily change content and add new pages, and we’re available for long-term support if there’s new functionality or features you want to add to your site. It’s all about flexibility and scalability.

And that’s really just the beginning. When you invest in a custom website, there are new possibilities and avenues that open up to you that really allow you to stand out and be noticed.

That all said, you may know the importance of scalability, flexibility, and ROI, but how do you really know if a custom website is a perfect fit for you, right?

  • You want to be seen as a leader and expert in your field.
  • You want a website that immediately creates a sense of trust when people find you.
  • You care about your customer or client experience from the moment they find you to your first call or their first purchase.
  • You want greater brand recognition.
  • You want to be able to charge higher rates for what you do/offer.
  • You generally know what you need and have a clear vision for your business/brand.

A custom website is an investment, but building one is an investment in the future of your business or brand. It’s about getting you from where you stand today to where you want to be. It sets the stage for greater success.

(We’re here when you’re ready.)