Take a Break

woman holding bow and arrow down at her side

One of the hardest parts of being a business owner is giving yourself time to relax. The natural tendency (at least for me) is to work around the clock, to be continuously productive and execute on the path to achieving our goals.

We forget that when we work hard, we need to find ways to rest and replenish our energy. If we don’t, we hit burnout, and recovery from burnout takes much longer than a bit of time off.

In my spare time, I practice archery. It’s been the perfect outdoor activity in the summer, pulling me away from my computer and other devices, and allowing me to simply be in nature with people I love.

A few months ago, I was asked to teach at Soul Camp. Several of our clients at Alchemy+Aim are teachers there, and it seemed like a great opportunity for me to go out and play for a few days.

I’ll be teaching two archery classes each day and diving into not only the mechanics of shooting a bow, but also the deeper transformative nature of the sport and how its lessons have made me a better business owner, friend, and person.

Soul Camp sleepaway camp for adults poster

Won’t you join me at the end of August for some fun? Click here for more info!