The Alchemy of Attraction

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How to Craft a Brand Identity/Message that Sets You Apart
and Calls in Your Perfect-Fit Clients

As a coach, a creator, a purpose-driven maker, you know you’ve got magic that makes you stand out. You’re fired up by your vision, ready to share your voice, and now is the time to do it.

Maybe you’re writing content for your brand-new website. Maybe you want to start speaking, blogging, or actually showing up on social media.

There’s just one issue: you’re not sure what to say.

Because, let’s face it, you want to sound awesome. Attractive. Authentic. Like the leader you are. You want to write and speak so you magnetize perfect-fit clients—people who not only want what you’re selling but also appreciate your unique worldview.

You didn’t start your own business to hide your light. So you decide to lay down some ground rules for your content. Pick a focus, an identity, for your brand.

All you need is a message that sums up who you are, what you do, and how you’re different. No sweat. Simple.

Or so you think.

Once you sit down and set pen to paper, you’ll see what I mean. (Maybe you already do.)

Because trying to explain your one-of- a-kind magic? Can turn you into a crazy person.

I see this all the time with my clients. These inspiring souls have big dreams for their businesses. They feel called to bring their next-level gifts into the world.

But when the time comes to define their purpose and craft a message that resonates with perfect-fit clients, they stall.

So how do you craft an authentic brand identity—the kind that attracts the people you most want to serve and allows you to be YOU in your business?

Glad you asked.

A truly effective message speaks to both the right and left brains of your audience. It’s practical yet powerful, brimming with excitement, with the authentic enthusiasm of its author.

So you can think of your brand identity—your message—as two halves wrapped up as a whole. Yin and yang. Sun and moon. Strategy and soul.

Picture a circle with a line down the middle. This circle is your brand identity.

The left side of the circle represents strategy — your Authentic Value as a service provider.

The right side of the circle represents soul — your Unique Perspective as a creative being.

Let’s explore both in greater detail.

Your Authentic Value is where your skills meet market needs. It’s the backbone of your viable business, the phrases that speak to the desires of your perfect-fit clients.

This piece of your brand identity includes the pain points you solve for your audience, their perceived roadblocks on the path to success, the key results you deliver through your services, and the big-picture benefits your clients crave.

When you brainstorm your Authentic Value, be careful not to compromise your own integrity or interests. If you try to sell something you don’t believe in, it’s going to be an uphill battle. Stick to sharing results that make you feel proud, and describe a big picture for clients you actually want to create.

Your Unique Perspective is where your interests meet audience curiosity. It’s the lens through which you perceive reality, the multifaceted points of view that naturally appeal to people who vibe on your wavelength.

This piece of your brand identity includes the story that fuels your leadership, the big ideas that you teach your followers, the unexpected passions that light you up, and the battle cry you raise against particular norms or standards. It’s what you stand for—and, oftentimes, what you stand against.

When you brainstorm your Unique Perspective, notice if you start to judge yourself harshly. You might deem your interests “irrelevant” or shy away from your own strong opinions. By all means, take some time to consider whether or not a particular topic feels safe for public consumption — I don’t advise vulnerability for vulnerability’s sake. But if you love something with a giddy passion, or you believe in it so much you pound your fist on the table, it might be just the thing to call in your tribe.

Once you complete the circle of your brand identity, sit back and reflect for a minute. How do you feel?

You might feel excited or exhausted. Elated or overwhelmed.

Either way, recognize ALL the natural magnetism bubbling just under your surface. And remember that you don’t have to convey everything about yourself in order to show up online.

Your brand identity is the tip of the iceberg—a narrowed focus that blends your strategy and soul.

Too many entrepreneurs hold themselves back, convinced that if they can find the PERFECT words to describe themselves and their business, they’ll be set for life.

But take it from a longtime writer: There is no such thing as the perfect message, phrase, or pitch. The more you insist upon perfection, the more you paralyze your voice.

At the end of the day, you don’t control your brand. Your audience does. You can’t control how other people talk and think about you, but you can set an intention to show up in a particular way.

So use your brand identity to set an intention. Reflect on your power, your Authentic Value, before you start creating content. Give yourself permission to share your Unique Signature as you write and speak.

The true alchemy of attraction asks you to recognize and release the light that already exists inside you.

So set your intentions and step up to the mic. Because you are the magic you’re waiting for.